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About Ironworx Performance

The South West’s leading private strength and conditioning facility. Primed towards offering elite level services and delivering some of the most effective training methodology and systems. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, corporate executive, or weekend warrior, we make it our job to deliver results.
Ironworx Performance
Ironworx Performance

"Evidence based - but practise led"

After 15 years working in the industry, we’ve seen what the right training environment can do for an individual’s success.
We have taken these experiences and built a facility for all individuals with the ambition to reach higher and achieve more – whatever their goals.
We understand making health and fitness a priority can be hard. Our team is not only here to see you reach your goals, but see lasting results.

– Lee Salter, Head Coach & Founder

Our Team

Lee Salter, MSc

Founder | HEAD COACH

The owner and founder of Ironworx Performance. For over a decade, Lee has dedicated himself to maximising his clients and athletes well-being and athletisism. He is also a competitive athlete, coming from a professional football background and most recently competing for the GB weightlifting team.

He is renowned for getting results, with clients from the world of multi sports, team sports, combat sports, tactical personnel, through to weightlifters and strongman athletes. In addition to this, Lee has worked across a range of academy, school and LTAD programmes.

Lee’s philosophies come through a combination of years of constant learning and self development, frequent networking and collaboration with other elite level coaches and hands on “in the trenches” experience.


  • MSc Strength & Conditioning
  • BWL – Level 1&2
  • EXOS – Performance Specialist
  • EXOS – Tactical Training Systems
  • Premier Training – Dip in PT and Sports Therapy
  • BTEC National Dip in Sports & Ex Science

Rosie Semenytsh, BSc


Rosie has experience within the industry stretching over 15-years. Alongside her expertise within the field, she is also a very competitive individual. Competing in gymnastics, javelin and now enjoying competitive weightlifting. The 2013 Javelin British Champion, and current Masters W76 Weightlifting English Champion – Rosie brings a wealth of high performance to our team.

After completing her degree at Loughborough University, Rosie has built immense experience within the health and fitness sector including health club managerial roles, to exercise referral specialist contracts. Her work at Ironworx is also combined with a regional trainer lead role, with a national diabetes prevention company.

Always keen and open to self development, Rosie brings a vital piece to the Ironworx team.


  • BSc Physics and Sports Science
  • BWL – Level 1
  • GP Referral Specialist 
  • Diabetes Practitioner
  • CYQ – Sports Massage
  • CYQ – L3 Personal Training
  • KBT – L1&2 Strength and Conditioning


"Whilst playing in professional football for over 15 years, I have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches. Chops' is up there with the very best, it’s rare to be coached by someone who has an abundance of knowledge but also the drive to learn. He listens to the athlete and works with them to get the best out of themselves.”
Nathan Thompson
Stevenage FC
"Being a member at Ironworx has been fantastic. The community that’s been created motivates me to stay consistent with my training and to keep on enjoying my fitness journey. Rosie and Lee are professional coaches who make every member feel valued and never out of place - highly recommended."
Leah Moodie
"The reason we were so keen to go into partnership with Ironworx Performance was that we believe their passion, drive and knowledge of player development is unrivalled. Their athletic development framework and delivery will help support all our students and their development. The education they provide during coaching is second to none and shows how they value LTAD."
Ironworx Performance
Ben Deacon
Wiltshire College


At Ironworx Performance, we offer a range of services that are designed to meet your individual needs. Join us and start unlocking a new level of athleticism, confidence and well-being. All services and programmes are designed and delivered by our dedicated team of professionals since 2011.
Ironworx Performance
Ironworx Performance
Ironworx Performance
Ironworx Performance